Learn How to speak Korean

learn how to speak korean
learn how to speak korean

Learn how to speak Korean,

We’re  language cafe and hostel called As home in Busan, South Korea,

looking for cool people who can help us ~

​​We are in Haeundae ; the place you are going to live in


​1. Center of Tourism ;

aquarium / beach / hotels / hostels / mountains / river / temple and etc. 20 mins by walk


​2. Middle High Class Living Area ;

very safe and organized town / Busan people love to live this town as Gangnam


​3. The Most Famous Beach in Korea ;

lots of activities and travellers` center


4. local markets, restaurants, convenient stores, bars, hospitals, cinema even Department Store within 3 mins 


5. International Organizations ;

Busan Culture Center, Bexco, International Schools, Busan Film Festival and etc

6. Convenient Public Transportation;

Subway / Bus stops with 3 mins we are near the metro station called Jangsan


where you are gonna stay

​It’s a four-story building.

​1st floor : Local Restaurant
2nd floor : English Cafe (Exchange Language)
3rd floor : Home-stay (Koreans and Volunteers mixed dormitory)
4th floor : Kitchen and resting place


What we expect from volunteers and interns

​​Cafe Host: This will be your main work here as a volunteer or intern, you will have to do multiple tasks related to running the cafe, such as cleaning and entertaining guests. Keep in mind that the Korean students who join are often quite shy and we absolutely need you to take the conversation to them, as they are quite shy starting conversations on their own.

Flier Duty: every day we hand out the fliers to the people on the street promoting this place to make it full of people

​Cleaning shift : 1 hour long cleaning [ once a week ] for staff dorms and facility we use

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