where can i learn korean

korean school,

Working hours – 4 hours a day from Monday to Friday [ weekends and national holiday off ]

We have 2 shifts Afternoon and Evening

  1.  Afternoon shift : 2 pm – 6 pm
  2.  Night shift : 6 pm – 10 pm

​​Our work is centered on the culture and language exchange and we use English as an official language for the communication.

What we expect from volunteers and interns.

Cafe Host:

This will be your main work here as a volunteer or intern, you will have to do multiple tasks related to running the cafe, such as cleaning and entertaining guests.

Keep in mind that the Korean students who join are often quite shy and we absolutely need you to take the conversation to them, as they are quite shy starting conversations on their own.


Flier Duty: every day we hand out the fliers to the people on the street promoting this place to make it full of people

​​Cleaning shift : 1 hour long cleaning [ once a week ] for staff dorms and facility we use


Apply to the IT manager position ~ 

The shifts are given on a first come first serve basis but you can definitely change your shift as time goes by as schedules are very flexible here!

We are a small team and we care greatly and understand the needs of our volunteers.

Volunteer in Busan South Korea with us



​1)  Intermediate level of English

​2)  Fun and Open minded people who can lead a group in conversation

​3)  Passionate about their life and exploring new possibilities!

​4)  Clean and well mannered; able to live with others in a dormitory

​5)  FRIENDLY:) this is the most important thing!!






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